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About Us


Avac Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 1996 by Bob Buman to service a growing market for Vacuum Drainage systems in land based projects in Australia. The first major project was a maximum security prison installation. The project, despite the challenges of being a world first, was delivered on time and on budget to the client.


Avac Australia has gone on to become Australia’s largest supplier of land based vacuum projects with over 4500 maximum security cells in the last 16 years in addition to many smaller commercial and industrial projects. Continued specification of Avac systems by government agencies and private construction managers is testament to the successful outcomes we have delivered.


Over the last 7 years the company has leveraged its market dominance and in-house technical competencies to include electronic water management systems. The systems offer clients stand alone, networked, and integrated control of water supply and vacuum drainage. This has led to energy and water savings in the order of 90% for clients.


In order to further grow the business, Avac identified opportunity in the virgin municipal Automated Waste Collection Systems (AWCS) market, and having searched the world for suitable partners, we teamed up with MariMatic in early 2012 recognising their entrepreneurial spirit and superior engineering.


Avac today sits as part of a group of companies owned and controlled by the Buman family based in Sydney with branches in Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland. It utilises skill sets from right across the group when necessary and follows the Global Mark certified ISO9001 systems of the primary group company, RBA.

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Avac Australia designs, engineers, manufactures and markets environmentally friendly plumbing, drainage and waste collection, conveyance and disposal systems.


We specialise in providing versatile solutions for complex projects and difficult design situations.


Our decades of experience have resulted in the creation of the most advanced products and designs in the market today. The Avac R&D team ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of vacuum technology with both products and design. We offer turn-key and custom systems. Our expertise is in designing and supplying the right system for the application at hand.


With installations nationally, Avac’s design engineers, installers and project managers have been involved in a large variety of projects, each with different types of environmental and engineering challenges. Our extensive experience is not limited to design, and includes hands-on operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of systems. We will be there from the beginning to the end; from design to operation.


Avac provide professional training programs for clients purchasing and installing Avac Systems, as well as periodic inspections during installation, commissioning and operational training. In addition, we offer continuing education courses, seminars and presentations related to vacuum drainage, water management and vacuum solid waste.



In late 2012 Avac's state-of-the-art Vacuum Training, Testing and Demonstration Centre was officially opened in Brisbane which showcases vacuum technology and allows potential clients and users to explore its practical and financial advantages. The centre has a fully functioning vacuum drainage system installed with transparent piping network which allows visitors to track the conveyance of waste from the fixtures all the way through to the Vac Centre. A visit to the Training & Demo Centre is recommended for all Architects, Designers, Building Owners and Installation Contractors as an opportunity to learn more about vacuum drainage and water management systems.



Avac partner with AcornVac (U.S.A) a division of Morris Group International for the supply of components and small vacuum plant in relation to drainage and water management systems.

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Avac partner with MariMatic (Finland) a division of MariCap for the supply of components in relation to vacuum solid waste systems.

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Marc Buman - Managing Director

Marc has been instrumental in the establishment of Avac since the company’s inception. He is the Managing Director of the group, specialising in commercial & contract management, legal/risk management and human resources. Marc is currently the chairperson of the Vacuum Drainage Special Interest Group (of Australia) and led the team which developed the two Australian & New Zealand Standards for Vacuum Drainage. Marc is responsible for the expansion of the Avac business into vacuum transportation of solid wastes, as well as liquid wastes. Marc is a member of several Standards Australia technical committees, is a trained safety officer and an executive director of the Plumbing Products Industry Group (PPIG).

Key Roles

•  Commercial Management

•  Risk Management

•  Human Resource Management


Bob Buman - Major Project Director

Bob founded Avac in the mid 1990’s after identifying the environmental and security advantages accruing to facility managers from the deployment of vacuum transportation systems to transport liquid wastes within their buildings or precincts. Over the ensuing decades, Avac has gone on to become the leading vacuum waste transportation company in Australia. As a result of pioneering the introduction of the technology, Bob is sometimes referred to as the Godfather of vacuum transportation in Australia/NZ.Marc has been instrumental in the establishment of Avac since the company’s inception. He is the Managing Director of the group, specialising in contract management, legal/risk management and human resources.

Key Roles

•  Designing and documenting project specific vacuum systems

•  Designing Oversight

•  Peer Review of Design


Alessandro Parma - Project Technical Manager (Mechanical)

Alessandro (Alex) has 20 years of international experience in designing, dimensioning, installing and commissioning vacuum waste transportation systems in Australia and around the world. After graduating as a surveyor in 1996, he has utilised the skills acquired in the designing of vacuum pipework networks within the vacuum industry in Italy and Antarctica, before joining the Avac Australia team in 2008. In 2015 Alex completed his Certificate IV in Hydraulic Design and is proficient in AutoCAD, AutoCAD 3D and Revit. He has extensive experience in both land and marine projects.Alex has 15 years of international experience in designing, dimensioning, installing and commissioning vacuum systems in Australia and around the world. He graduated as a surveyor in 1996, and has worked in the Vacuum Industry in Italy and Antarctica before joining the AVAC Australia team in 2008.  Alex has extensive experience in both land and marine projects.

Key Roles

•  Designing and Dimensioning of Vacuum Systems

•  Site supervising of installing contractors

•  Commissioning team leader for systems

•  Post occupation review and maintenance supervision


Dom Romeo - Technical Manager (Electrical)

Dom has 30 years of experience in designing, documenting, installing and commissioning automated control systems and networked data systems in Australia. He is a licenced Electrical Contractor and trained safety officer.

Key Roles

•  Designing automated control systems for vacuum systems

•  Supervising electrical and data installation contractors

•  Commissioning of automated control systems for Avac projects

•  Training of facility management staff

•  Remote monitoring of Avac systems


Melanie Lupis – Sustainability Manager

Melanie is an Environmental Science graduate from the University of Wollongong. She has 10 years’ experience working for Local Government, reducing greenhouse emissions and implementing energy and water efficiency projects at Bankstown City Council. Melanie brought her expertise to Avac in 2012 and has been instrumental in ensuring the company’s system designs meet world’s best practise for environmental objectives.

Key Roles

•  Advising Avac on best practices for sustainability

•  Designing, Documenting and measuring sustainable practices within Avac and its related entities

•  Liaison with Clients to ensure Avac projects meet agreed environmental objectives

•  Modelling and analysis of energy and water data


Andrew Norris - Consultant Engineer

Andrew is an Engineering graduate from the University of Technology Sydney with technical experience in design and installation of vacuum waste transportation systems as well as on site commissioning of Water Management Systems. He has engineering design experience in dehumidification and mechanical services, having worked in the HVAC industry prior to Avac. He also worked in product development, quality control, and testing to achieve government approvals. Andrew recently left Avac’s direct employ but remains a consultant to the company and provides engineering input where required.


Jo Logan  - Contracts Administration, Document Controller, Drawing Office Manager

Jo has 15 years of experience in these roles and is a key member in Avac’s project team.  She has extensive experience in document control for major projects, additionally Jo is responsible for controlling the production and distribution of Avac 2D & 3D project drawings.

Key Roles

•  Receiving & Distributing all project documents

•  Supervision of drawing office

•  Coordination of project manufacturing and delivery schedules

•  Liaison with external service suppliers


Kel Lupis – Marketing Manager

Kel has an MBA from the University of Wollongong and 16 years eperience in sales and marketing of plumbing and bathrrom products.

Key Roles

•  Design and production of marketing materials for print

•  Internet and website management

•  Advertising

•  Liaison with Clients