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Grease Waste Transport

Grease Waste Transport

Vacuum drainage systems offer a number of benefits for a grease waste transport system including:

  • Reliable transportation of grease waste which conveniently integrates conventional fixtures or floor drains and routes grease waste through a vacuum waste piping network located above grade or slab for direct drainage to a more conveniently located grease interceptor.

  • The system virtually eliminates problems with conventional grease waste line clog and coagulation as well as placement, maintenance coordination, and other problems associated with local grease traps.

  • Vacuum transport systems eliminate the need for costly underground grease drainage piping in the sales area on renovation projects.

  • Vacuum grease waste drainage replaces point-of-use grease interceptors from the food area with under-slab or above grade Vacuum Grease Buffer(s). This eliminates the odour associated with regular maintenance and cleaning.


  • The drainage piping network servicing a vacuum transport system can be installed vertically or horizontally, providing flexibility in layout and building design, thus the Vacuum Grease Buffer and grease interceptor can be placed anywhere in the building.

  • The operational dynamics of a vacuum transport system result in significant reductions in grease waste build up in the waste piping network when compared to conventional gravity piping.

  • Vacuum drainage systems work in concert with the new “open” architectural store environment where electrical and refrigeration services are brought to display cases from overhead. Grease waste piping within the store can now follow these services, allowing for unprecedented flexibility in store layout.

  • Vacuum drainage systems are completely adaptable to last minute merchandising changes.

  • New construction projects can be completed faster, providing a construction cost savings and allowing a facility to be brought online in a more timely fashion.



  • BioBank Sydney

  • IGA Carindale

  • Brisbane Showgrounds (RNA)

  • New Perth Stadium

  • South East Correction Centre

  • Lotus Glen Correction Centre