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Stadiums Vacuum Drainage


Vacuum drainage systems offer significant advantages when installed in Stadiums, including:

  • Vacuum sewerage systems allow extremely fast evacuation of waste as experienced with high volumes of toilet flushes during game breaks etc. Conventional systems struggle to cope with high loads of flushing and often become blocked.

  • Avac vacuum toilets use 1.8 litres of water per flush, providing a significant reduction in annual water and sewage costs when compared to conventional toilets. Calculating the savings compared to conventional toilets is at least 2.2 litres per flush multiplied by the number of patrons who attend the stadium annually, i.e. more than half of all toilet flushing water will be saved.

  • Reduction in peak water volumes allows for reduced pipe and subsequently pump sizing throughout the stadium and can eliminate the need for water demand storage tanks.

  • Vacuum sewerage systems can be retrofitted to allow additional fixtures to be installed to cope with demand increases.


  • Vacuum grey water systems allow collection of waste from seating platforms in stadiums without impeding the view of the lower seats as traditional stormwater drains do. The piping can run under the platform horizontally or can even run uphill till it is clear of the spectators.

  • Vacuum grey water systems can collect the wash down water from seating areas which is often contaminated with high contents of food and drink waste and must be treated before it enters the stormwater system.