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Supermarkets - Vacuum Drainage


Vacuum drainage of refrigeration condensate offers a number of benefits when installed in Supermarkets including:

  • Vacuum drainage systems eliminate the need for underground drainage piping in the sales area.

  • Vacuum drainage systems allow existing buildings with limited drainage to be developed for supermarket use when traditional trenching and underground piping upgrades are cost prohibitive because of site or structural conditions such as post tension slab, bed rock, asbestos, high water tables, etc.

  • Because trenching is eliminated, store remodel activities are less expensive, safer, more sanitary, and take less time.

  • New construction projects can be completed faster, saving construction costs and allowing a facility to be brought online in a more timely fashion. Often, projects can be completed during inclement weather because the facility can be closed before the weather conditions prohibit construction.



  • Vacuum drainage systems work in concert with the new “open” architectural store environment where electrical and refrigeration services are brought to display cases from overhead. Drainage can now follow these services, allowing for unprecedented flexibility in store layout.

  • Vacuum drainage systems are completely adaptable to last minute merchandising changes.

  • Vacuum drainage systems easily accommodate seasonal display requirements.

  • Vacuum drainage systems create a cleaner environment and reduce health hazards associated with gravity drains.

  • Vacuum drainage equipment can be capitalized and taken with the owner if the facilities are abandoned.



  • Coles

  • Woolworths

  • IGA

  • Target Corporation

  • Wal-Mart

  • Trader Joe’s Company