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Town Centres

Town Centres


Advantages of MetroTaifun AWCS when compared to traditional truck and bin collection:

  • Significant reduction in heavy traffic on local roads, localised air pollution and improved road safety
  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions - MetroTaifun requires 1/2 of the energy of truck & bin collection
  • Reduced waste disposal costs from improved recycling
  • Reduced 'on-site' waste storage space due to increased collection frequency
  • Potential source of bio-fuel.

Advantages of MetroTaifun AWCS when compared to conventional AWCS:

  • Lower installation costs as smaller pipe diameter allows a reduction in the sizing of plant & equipment
  • MetroTaifun uses 1/3 of the energy of a conventional AWCS
  • Composite piping requires 50% less installation time compared to conventional steel pipe installations.
  • Lower risk of blockages due to composite pipe network's extremely high coefficient of friction compared to steel