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Vacuum Solid Waste

Vacuum Solid Waste Systems

Avac has partnered with the MariMatic Corporation of Finland to offer a range of vacuum solid waste collection solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

What are Solid Waste Collection Systems?

Solid Waste Collection Systems utilise vacuum pressure for the collection and conveyance of solid waste through a piping network. They consist of three main components: a waste collection station, a piping network and waste collection inlets. Users simply deposit waste into the inlets which is then sucked through the piping network to the waste collection station for disposal.

Why choose Solid Waste Collection Systems?

Vacuum Solid Waste Collection Systems minimise on-site waste storage space, reduce contamination rates, turn waste and by-products into commodities and improve hygiene as waste is frequently evacuated. They are extremely versatile, and can be easly scaled and designed to meet specific project needs.

Link to MariMatic: www.marimatic.com



MetroTaifun is a comprehensive municipal Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) designed and manufactured by the MariMatic Corporation, Finland and commissioned in Australia by Avac. As the name suggests, Metro'Taifun' acts like a Typhoon, vacuuming waste, via an underground pipe network, from high density residential & commercial centres and depositing it in a Waste Collection Facility, up to 4km away, where it is compacted into transportable bins and easily loaded onto trucks for off-site waste processing.

Taifun vacuum conveying and vacuum cleaning systems are designed for industrial use, responding to the requirements of the food processing industry for handling and conveying different types of materials, ranging from waste, by-products and raw material to final edible products. MariMatic's Taifun vacuum conveying systems for handling waste and by-products are both highly efficient and hygienic, and offer excellent safety and ergonomics as well. Hundreds of Taifun systems have been supplied to poultry, meat, fish, and vegetable processing plants and professional kitchens worldwide.