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Water Management

Water Management Systems

Avac offer a full range of water management products from facility wide water efficiency systems through to water efficient fixtures.


What are Water Management Systems?

Water efficiency systems control and monitor water supply to all fixtures in a facility via electronic and/or pneumatic valves which are pre-programmed to limit use e.g. when and how long a tap or shower can be turned on. Water efficient fixtures e.g. toilets and showers are designed to function with minimal water use.


Why choose Water Management Systems?

Controlling and monitoring water use in our facilities and fixtures reduces overall water use consequently saving money on water and energy bills.



Vacuum drainage piping can be routed where most convenient including overhead or through voids in ceiling spaces, eliminating the need for under slab piping and providing owners and designers unlimited freedom to locate fixtures or equipment throughout the facility.


Avac vacuum toilets use 1.8 litres of water per flush, providing a significant reduction in annual water and sewage costs when compared to conventional toilets. This is of great benefit anywhere, especially in areas where water conservation is important, or in areas where sewer mains or treatment facilities are already heavily impacted.