MetroTaifun is a commercial Waste Collection System designed and manufactured by the MariMatic Corporation, Finland and commissioned in Australia by Avac.

As the name suggests, Metro’Taifun’ acts like a Typhoon, vacuuming waste, via an underground pipe network, from high density residential & commercial centres and depositing it in a Waste Collection Facility where it is compacted into transportable bins and easily loaded onto trucks for off-site waste processing.

How does it work


Improves Safety and Efficiency

Considering each site has a number of waste collection points spread across the site there is a significant reduction in manual waste conveying and the safety issues associated with it, not to mention the savings in employee time and resources moving waste to far off waste rooms.

Improves Hygiene

Waste is immediately transferred via vacuum pipes to central collection points for removal from site instead of being stored in bins and trolleys throughout the facility which improves the hygiene of the facility and eliminates garbage odours.

Fast & Economical Installation

The composite piping material enables fast and economical installation, requiring 50% less installation time compared to conventional pipe installations.

Long-term Continually Expandable Solution

MetroTaifun’s modular layout allows the system to be easily expanded in the future to increase the operating area, the number of waste inlets and collection lines, the capacity of the machinery in the collection station and even the number of waste fractions collected which is extremely beneficial in stage developments.