Avac has been designing, engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning commercial and industrial solutions since 1996. Our years of experience have resulted in the development of the most advanced and reliable customised solutions on the market today. The Avac design team ensures that we stay at the cutting edge of vacuum and plumbing technology with both products and design. Our expertise is in designing and supplying the right answers for the application at hand.

With installations domestically and internationally, Avac’s designers and project managers have been involved in a large variety of ventures, each with different types of environmental, situational and engineering challenges. Our team enthusiastically approaches these challenges to create solutions in many situations where traditional products and systems are not feasible.

Our Services Include:
Budgetary Review & Quotation

Every project is unique. We routinely provide budgetary estimates and project review at no cost. We also provide other educational services including seminars, factory and project tours, and continuing education courses.

Planning & Design

We deliver technical and engineering support during this critical phase of every project – including design review and coordination with the project team. With decades of experience involving a wide range of project types, we have the experience to offer assistance in system sizing, piping layout and development of project specification and installation details.

Our team of on-staff Revit & CAD operators provide us with the ability to modify designs quickly to accommodate variations which may occur during construction.

Installation Training

Proper installation is one of the most important factors in efficient operation of the system. We provide comprehensive training for the installing contractor before construction begins.

On-site Installation & Review

We’re on-site during construction to provide inspection of the installation, ensuring correction of any installation irregularities.

Construction & Commissioning Support

We also provide on-site assistance with system start up and commissioning, helping to ensure a fully functional and efficient installation.

We offer on-site training for facility maintenance staff, including a complete overview of the dynamics of the Avac system or products, and comprehensive training in basic maintenance and troubleshooting.

Factory Direct Training, Support & Follow Up

Avac currently provides programmed after-sales support to numerous installations in most states throughout Australia

Direct training, support and follow up include:

  • Factory direct service and support
  • Remote monitoring
  • On site or factory training
  • Periodic maintenance services as required
  • Full inventory of spare parts manufactured in our factory