What are Water Management Systems?

In this modern world of conspicuous over consumption, the light has finally been shone on the need to conserve the planet’s natural resources….water is definitely one of the most precious of those and over the past couple of decades great steps have been taken to introduce water conservation methods leading to significantly increased efficiencies in the use of this resource.

Initially, water management was restricted to the introduction of self-closing mechanisms for single water delivery points (taps, showers etc)…which saw either a mechanical or pneumatic closure of a single valve after a fixed period of run time.

A further major conservation step has occurred particularly over the last decade, it has been the introduction of solid state electronics into the old-fashioned water delivery systems of the past 150 years.
In Australia, Avac was a pioneer in introducing what is today known as EWMS (Electronic Water Management Systems). These basically consist of electrically controlled solenoid valves at each water delivery point throughout a building project, which are monitored and controlled (turned on/off) by software resident on a computer which is connected to each and every valve as the head of an electronic local area network.

Why choose Water Management Systems?

Controlling and monitoring water use in larger scale building facilities reduces overall water use consequently saving money on water and energy bills.

Why choose Avac Water Management Systems?

Avac offers a comprehensive range of water management products and systems which have been developed during the last 20 years. They range from single fixture (one tap, one shower etc) pneumatically operated self-closing Air-Trol™ valves which provide a limited range of adjustable valve run times for that valve, through to the fully networked, IP addressable, Master-Trol™ system which is capable of providing monitoring and infinite control of each and every water delivery point (tap, shower, toilet etc) throughout the largest building structures in the country, such as hospitals, universities, schools, stadiums, correctional centres, aged care facilities, office towers etc, and which can allow a single operator to monitor and control many thousands of points with a few mouse clicks….even allow him to do that remote from the building via a iPad or similar device connected via the internet.

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