Correctional facility operators were amongst the first building type owners to recognise the benefits flowing from the introduction of Avac’s Master-Trol™ electronic water management system.

Whilst this building type enjoys similar benefits to most other institutional public building types, these are often of even greater significance in this building type, eg conservation of water, in general achieved to a much higher degree in this building type because without controls the inmate population of these facilities often deliberately overuse the resource if they can.

That said, the facility managers of this building type enjoy very specific benefits as outlined below.


Increased Flexibility & Control

The ability to restrict the use of water delivery points in cells based on time such as shower time being restricted to “X” minutes per 24 hours per inmate, or alternatively by the number of operations such as toilet flushes being restricted to “Y” number per 24 hours per inmate.

Immediate Lock-Down

The ability to “lock down” from one water delivery point to all water delivery points in the facility, in order to facilitate a search operation aimed at locating contraband goods…at the click of a computer mouse the inmates are no longer able to dispose of drugs or other contraband by flushing it or washing it away.

Reduces Water Use and Sewage Output

The introduction of the Master-Trol™ in some correctional facilities has seen water consumption per inmate reduced in excess of 75% typically, with a reduction in one facility reduced by 90%.

Capex Savings

The data acquisition capabilities of the Master-Trol™ system has provided designers with real simultaneous demand numbers allowing for significant flow-on advantages such as sizing of pipework through to the down-sizing of on-site treatment plants.

Data Logging

Another benefit from the data acquisition module is that there is a computer trail of every valve activation or attempted activation, thus ensuring that complaints or litigation concerning the supposed denial of water to an inmate can be readily resolved.