Avac Australia have invested in Australian based research and development for the vacuum drainage and water management industry.

Avac’s Training Testing and Demonstration Centre, located in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, is a world class facility that debunks many of the myths of vacuum drainage. It enables Facility Owners, Architects, Engineers and other practitioners a hands on opportunity to get a real understanding of how it works. Fitted with a complete network of clear piping, clients are able to work their way, from various fixture types, all the way to the point of discharge downstream of the Vacuum Centre. Along the way Avac demonstrate the physics behind the technology and the pros and cons of using vacuum drainage in a project. Avac welcome professionals active in the space and have a variety of programs to suit different clients and different project types.

To book a training session simply give us a call on 1300 123 451 or click here to email us so we can schedule you and your team in.