Avac offer a range of vacuum drainage solutions for new constructions and renovation projects.

What is a Vacuum Drainage System?

Vacuum drainage systems use the combined energies of vacuum pressure and gravity for the collection, conveyance and disposal of waste through a piping network that can be routed above ground. Vacuum drainage systems consist of three main components: a vacuum generating station (Vac Centre), a conveyance system and individual collection points.

When to Choose a Vacuum Drainage System?

Conventional drainage systems impose significant design constraints for all new and existing constructions. The requirement for fall in the piping means that conventional systems are typically located either subterranean or in the slab and are subsequently "set in concrete". Changing the location of the piping or adding fixtures is extremely costly and difficult to achieve. In contrast, Vacuum drainage systems are extremely versatile, they can be routed to run uphill, around site constraints and fixtures can be easily moved, added or removed at any time with minimal cost and disruption.

How does it work?

Features and Benefits

System Types

Vacuum Sewerage Systems Vacuum Sewerage Systems

Avac has played an integral part in the development of Vacuum Sewage Systems in Australia, particularly Queensland’s correctional system. Click the image above to learn about the features and benefits of an Avac Vacuum Sewerage System.

Vacuum Condensate Systems Vacuum Condensate Systems

Vacuum drainage systems work in concert with the new “open” architectural store environment, where electrical and refrigeration services are brought to display cases from overhead. Drainage can now follow these services, allowing flexibility in store layout. Learn about more features and benefits by clicking the image above or investigate our recent projects and technical information.

Vacuum Grey Water Systems Vacuum Grey Water Systems

A vacuum system can be used to remove small amounts of grey water from fixtures such as basins, or large amounts for example from a stadium washdown or storm water. To learn further about the features and benefits of using a vacuum system to remove grey water click the image above, or take a look at how vacuum was used in the MCG!

Vacuum Train Decanting Systems Vacuum Train Decanting Systems

The Avac train decanting system was designed for installation in long haul train “stabling” or maintenance yards, in order to provide safe and efficient decanting of raw sewage from regional and interstate trains that are equipped with on-board toilets. The system uses vacuum to lift the sewage from the waste retention tanks located under this type of train carriage.

Vacuum Trade Waste Systems Vacuum Trade Waste Systems

Vacuum trade waste systems open up the possibility of locating the grease waste interceptor or discharge point anywhere in the facility. The vacuum piping network can be located above grade or slab and can be easily integrated with conventional fixtures or floor drains to transport trade waste away from high impact areas to more appropriately located discharge points.

Vacuum Toilets Vacuum Toilets

The Avac Vacuum Toilet is one of the lowest approved flush toilets in Australia at 0.7L per flush. For those looking for green star points or anyone interested in significant opex savings achieved by hugely reducing annual water and sewage costs, nothing compares to Avac Vacuum Toilets.

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