Vacuum trade waste systems open up the possibility of locating the grease waste interceptor or discharge point anywhere in the facility. The vacuum piping network can be located above grade or slab and can be easily integrated with conventional fixtures or floor drains to transport trade waste away from high impact areas to more appropriately located discharge points.


Easily Intergrated

Vacuum trade waste systems integrate with conventional fixtures or floor drains then route the grease waste through a vacuum waste piping network located above grade or slab for direct drainage to a more conveniently located grease interceptor.

Eliminates Blockages

The system virtually eliminates problems with conventional grease waste line clog and coagulation as well as placement, maintenance coordination, and other problems associated with local grease traps.

Reduces Construction Costs

Vacuum transport systems eliminate the need for costly underground grease drainage piping in the sales area on renovation projects.

Eliminates Odours

Vacuum grease waste drainage replaces point-of-use grease interceptors from the food area with under-slab or above grade Vacuum Grease Buffers. This eliminates the odour associated with regular maintenance and cleaning.