Avac offers the design, supply, supervision of installation and commissioning of vacuum drainage systems to collect waste in warehouses including refrigerated facilities.

Our systems are fully automated, electronically actuated and include remote monitoring & control of the prepackaged vacuum centre plant plus all collection points.


Mitigate Spoilage of Goods

Avac’s Vacuum sewerage piping network can be fitted above ground which provides a far greater level of protection against potential leaks and subsequent damage to warehoused goods. Over time if a pipe is damaged and a leak occurs, it is much easier to locate and repair the leak in a vacuum system, than in a traditional gravity system.

Importantly, as the system is under negative pressure, wastewater cannot leak out of the piping network meaning contamination is always contained.

User Friendly Interface & Remote Monitoring

We incorporate operational parameters and alarm protocols for facilities managers to easily self-manage their system.  This includes a very intuitive user interface for ease of operation.

Additionally, we can provide a remote monitoring feature for after sales service.

Faster Construction

By eliminating trenching, using smaller diameter piping and having the flexibility to route around obstructions and critical services, vacuum drainage offers faster construction times which translates to cost savings and less intrusive practices allowing shipping and logistics schedules to be less effected.

Design Flexibilty

As Avac’s vacuum drainage designs enable the waste pipework to step up, it can be easily routed around fire and electrical services whilst remaining well clear of forklift routes.