‘the Avac Vacuum Toilet is one of the lowest approved flush toilets in Australia at 0.7L per flush’

Avac Vacuum toilets utilise vacuum pressure to remove waste. The toilets are connected to the main vacuum piping network via a, normally closed, vacuum interface valve which acts as a point of separation between constant vacuum pressure in the waste piping network and atmospheric pressure at the toilet bowl. When the flush valve is activated, the Controller opens the interface valve. The pressure differential causes air to enter the toilet bowl and pull the waste through the fixture outlet and transport the resultant emulsion into the waste piping network routing it to the vacuum centre. The controller also activates the flush water valve for rinse and re-fill of the bowl. The opening and closing of the interface valve is precisely controlled so that all waste is completely removed from the bowl.

Avac vacuum toilets have an elongated bowl design with wall water supply and wall waste outlet connection. Models offered are economical vitreous china, durable stainless steel or colour enhanced Enviro-Glaze powder coat finished stainless steel. Vitreous china vacuum toilets are configured for off-floor installations. Stainless steel vacuum toilets are configured for off-floor or on-floor installations.

How does it work?


Ultra Water Efficient

Avac vacuum toilets look similar to traditional gravity toilets but instead of using large amounts of water to flush away waste they utilise vacuum to empty and rinse the bowl. The evacuation cycle is ultra-water efficient, requiring just 0.7-1.8 litres of water per flush cycle, providing a significant reduction in annual water and sewage costs when compared to conventional toilets. This is of great benefit anywhere, especially in areas where water conservation is important, or in areas where sewer mains or treatment facilities are already heavily impacted.

Reduced Blockages

Avac vacuum toilets allow extremely fast evacuation of waste and unlike conventional systems which often become blocked with high volumes of toilet flushes, vacuum toilets perform extremely well under these conditions.

Improved Hygiene

Avac vacuum toilets are more hygienic than traditional gravity toilets as vacuum removal of waste eliminates the possibility of splash, mist and bacterial migration from the toilet which frequently occurs in gravity toilets.

Easily Retrofitted

Avac vacuum toilets have a wall waste outlet connection allowing them to be easily retrofitted, added or removed without major construction works in bathrooms.