Avac’s vacuum plumbing solutions offer unique opportunities for the creation and redevelopment of medical suites and laboratories.

Our designs help to minimise the spread of bacteria by controlling the vaporisation of toilet flushes and protecting against waste piping leaks.


Adaptable Design

Vacuum provides a solution for routing waste piping through congested, space restricted areas. Because vacuum waste piping can be installed overhead and easily routed around existing mechanical, electrical or structural elements, it facilitates the relocation of plumbing fixtures and equipment without impacting floors below, and without concern for coordination with existing waste piping.

Multiple Waste Streams

Our ability to re-route piping and move multiple waste streams [e.g. greywater, sewerage and trade waste] provides Medical Suite & Laboratory projects with greater options to meet medical practitioners’ and researchers’ needs.

For example, some projects require particular chemicals and waste to be sent to a dilution tank before going to waste.

Healthier Environment

The system contributes to a healthier, more sanitary environment, by eliminating the vaporisation of water from the toilet bowl during a flush. This minimises the spread of bacteria around the toilet fixture and within the facility.

No Leaks

Avac’s Vacuum sewerage piping network can be fitted above ground which provides a far greater level of protection against potential leaks and subsequent damage to critical medical and research equipment.

If a pipe is damaged and a leak occurs, it is much easier to locate and repair the leak in a vacuum system, than in a traditional gravity system.

Importantly, as the system is under negative pressure, wastewater cannot leak out of the piping network meaning contamination is always contained.