Our flexible designs help us accommodate the growing trend to keep all services within the office tenancy as access to the floor below becomes more and more restricted.  Contemporary building owners are looking at ways to attract better tenants by way offering more attractive services and options including EOTF’s and adaptive designs.


Stay within the Tenancy

Construction and refurbishment remain within the tenancy which eliminates the reliance on gaining access to the floor below.  This means projects which may previously have been considered as untenable can become viable.

Improved Construction Programmes

Any office refurbishment construction schedule needs to accommodate regular workplace operations with minimal dust, noise and interruption to the business day.  Avac’s solutions allow for faster hand-overs with little to no slab penetrations or trenching.

Saves Water, Time and $$

Avac vacuum toilets are some of Australia’s most efficient and use from as little as 0.7 litres of water per flush, providing a significant reduction in annual water and sewage costs when compared to conventional toilets. This can be as much as 3.2 litres per flush multiplied by the number of employees who work in the building, i.e. more than half of all toilet flushing water will be saved.  This translates to further savings via the down-sizing of wastewater treatment plant.

End of Trip Facilities

Less cars and more bikes means greater demand for EOTFs.  Vacuum drainage can help remodel an inner-city office basement to include showering and change-room amenities.

Similarity, our ability to re-route piping and move multiple waste streams [e.g. greywater, sewerage and trade waste] provides building owners with greater options to offer potential tenants. For example, a regular office space can potentially be re-purposed to become a medical centre.