Avac’s vacuum waste solutions offer contemporary Exhibition and Convention projects the opportunity to save money, improve toilet-use times during peak periods and establish a significantly lower environmental impact by using Australia’s most efficient toilet and drawing on our decades of vacuum drainage design experience.


Faster Toilet Turnaround

Vacuum toilets do not use a cistern and have zero-refill time between flushes.  This means faster turn-around time and less queuing for patrons during high traffic periods such as when a conference breaks for lunch.

Design Flexibilty

Buildings designed for Tradeshow use typically have large floor-plates.  Avac Australia provides projects with the ability to take waste-water from both working tradeshow displays via service pits and permanent fixtures upwards, which means underfloor drainage can be kept within as little as 250mm clearance, allowing vertical clearance on the floor below to be maximized.  This is particularly valuable when re-purposing a space to suit the particular requirements of a modern Exhibition and Convention facility.

Saves Water and $$

Avac vacuum toilets are some of Australia’s most efficient and use from as little as 0.7 litres of water per flush, providing a significant reduction in annual water and sewage costs when compared to conventional toilets.

Calculating the savings compared to conventional toilets is as much as 3.2 litres per flush multiplied by the number of patrons who attend the convention centre annually, i.e. more than half of all toilet flushing water will be saved.  This translates to further savings via the down-sizing of wastewater treatment plant.

Cleaner Environment

Our Vacuum sewerage and greywater piping networks can be fitted above ground so no waste is draining under the slab.  This provides a far greater level of protection against potential leaks and subsequent environmental contamination. Over time if a leak does occur, it is much easier to locate and repair the leak in a vacuum system, than in a traditional gravity system.

Importantly, as the system is under negative pressure, wastewater cannot leak out of the piping network meaning contamination is always contained.