With an ever-wider range of event line-ups and quicker turnarounds between events, modern Stadiums need to be flexible enough to accommodate sporting fixtures, music concerts and exhibitions, sometimes all within the same weekend.

Avac’s vacuum drainage technology helps provide that flexibility and reliability by enabling faster toilet turnarounds for spectators, cost savings for water & waste infrastructure and an unprecedented level of local-area environmental protection.



Faster Toilet Turnaround

Vacuum sewerage systems allow extremely fast evacuation of waste as experienced with high volumes of toilet flushes during game breaks etc. Conventional systems struggle to cope with high loads of flushing and often become blocked.

Saves Water and $$

Avac vacuum toilets are some of Australia’s most efficient and use from as little as 0.7 litres of water per flush, providing a significant reduction in annual water and sewage costs when compared to conventional toilets. Calculating the savings compared to conventional toilets is as much as 3.2 litres per flush multiplied by the number of patrons who attend the stadium annually, i.e. more than half of all toilet flushing water will be saved.  This translates to further savings via the down-sizing of wastewater treatment plant.

Reduces Pipe and Plant

Reduction in peak water volumes allows for reduced pipe and subsequently pump sizing throughout the stadium and can eliminate the need for water demand storage tanks.

Happier Spectators

Vacuum grey water systems allow collection of waste from seating platforms in stadiums without impeding the view of the lower seats as traditional stormwater drains do. The piping can run under the platform horizontally or can even run uphill till it is clear of the spectators.

Retrofit Friendly

Vacuum sewerage and grey water collection systems can be retrofitted to existing stadiums allowing additional fixtures to be installed when and where they are needed most.

Cleaner Environment

Vacuum grey water systems can collect the wash down water from seating areas which is often contaminated with high contents of food and drink waste and must be treated before it enters the stormwater system.

In addition, because our Vacuum sewerage piping network can be fitted above ground, no waste is draining under the slab which provides a far greater level of protection against potential leaks and subsequent environmental contamination. Over time if the building does move and a leak occurs, it is much easier to locate and repair the leak in a vacuum system, than in a traditional gravity system.

Importantly, as the system is under negative pressure, wastewater cannot leak out of the piping network meaning contamination is always contained.