Avac Australia’s vacuum drainage technology provides Shopping Centre and Retail design managers and project leaders with the ability to refurbish without excessive trenching while ensuring minimal interruption to shopper’s buying habits. We provide workable solutions where post-tensioned slabs or weight-rated concrete slabs pose significant structural or cost inhibitive challenges for conventional gravity designs.

Our faster construction turnaround allows for a quicker ROI as retail outlets and supermarkets are able to start operating sooner while providing a more pleasant shopping experience for patrons.


Stay within the Tenancy

Construction and refurbishment remain within the tenancy which eliminates the reliance on gaining access to the floor below.  This means Shopping Centre projects which may previously have been considered as untenable can become viable.

Improved Construction Schedules

Because trenching is eliminated, store remodel activities are less expensive, safer, more sanitary, and take less time which minimises customer attrition rates.

Flexibility of Design & Use

Avac’s vacuum drainage solutions allow the relocation of existing plumbing fixtures and refrigeration systems to adapt to new occupant or design needs.  In addition, greater flexibility for refurbishment means store upgrades can be programmed more frequently to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

Our ability to re-route piping and move multiple waste streams [e.g. greywater, sewerage and trade waste] provides Shopping Centres with greater options to offer potential tenants. For example, a simple supermarket can now add a delicatessen or alternatively, a juice bar could move into a space vacated by a bookstore.

User Friendly Interface & Remote Monitoring

We incorporate operational parameters and alarm protocols for facilities managers to easily self-manage their system.  This includes a very intuitive user interface for ease of operation.

Additionally, we can provide a remote monitoring feature for after sales service.