Avac’s vacuum plumbing systems offer substantial benefits to Correctional projects by increasing security; reducing blockages; providing water and cost savings; and a establishing a cleaner and more sanitary environment.

In addition to vacuum drainage, Avac also offer decades of experience in providing Fittings & Fixtures; and Water Management solutions to the Australian Corrective Services market.




Prevents Passing of Contraband

Direct connection of multiple toilets into the same waste stack is eliminated, thereby preventing inmates from passing contraband between cells.

Eliminates Plumbing Chaos

Vacuum toilets eliminate cell-to-cell communication that inmates often use to create “planned plumbing chaos” by organising large “group flushes” that are typical for gravity drainage systems.

Reduces Blockages

The operational dynamics of a vacuum plumbing system result in fewer main line blockages, reducing maintenance cost and disruption. When toilet blockages do occur, they are easily located at the fixture, rather than within the waste line. This feature allows staff to easily identify inmates who routinely try to vandalise the plumbing system, promoting significantly improved security and control.

Increases Control

Individual cells or groups of cells can be “turned off” prior to a security sweep to prevent contraband or other incriminating evidence from being flushed away.

Improves Hygiene

Vacuum flush toilets do not splash during the flush cycle, significantly reducing the spread of bacteria within the facility, promoting a healthier environment for staff and prison populations.