Project Description:

Mary Wade Correctional Centre is a maximum security institution for women. Previously known as the Juniperina Juvenile Justice Centre the site has been repurposed to accommodate maximum security inmates on remand. It is located 19km west of Sydney central business district.

Originally designed for to accommodate 46 women, it is now a 94-bed maximum security prison for women, and upgrades included refurbishment of existing buildings, incorporating advanced electronic water management of WC’s, Basins & Showers

Design challenges or briefs:

Although initially completed in 2005, the upgrade required the introduction of state-of-the-art water management system to bring the facility in line with modern correctional standards.

Why was Avac’s MasterTrol+ Water Management a solution?

Avac’s MasterTrol+ Water Management system controls and monitors water supply to all fixtures in a facility via electronic and/or pneumatic valves which are pre-programmed to limit use e.g. when and how long a tap or shower can be turned on. Water efficient fixtures e.g. toilets and showers are designed to function with minimal water use.

Parameters are fully programmable on site by the facilities management team and incorporate features like Cycle Interrupt and Lock-out periods.

Products and Services provided by AVAC Australia to the Mary Wade Correctional Centre:

Flush valves
Water management
Quantity 21
Mary Wade Correctional Centre 

Mary Wade Correctional Centre