Avac’s Water Management systems offer Hospital Facilities Managers the ability to conserve water which reduces running costs, energy costs and the size of their supply services & sewage treatment plants.  Our data logging capabilities also lead to cost savings as cleaning services can be programmed around usage.



Improves Hygiene

Better health and hygiene conditions through auto-cycling of low use fixtures and flexibility to change fixture operation with almost infinite possibilities via centralised control of water delivery.

Efficient Programmed Maintenance

Ability to create cleaning schedule based on fixture use subsequently saving recurrent costs related to unnecessary cleaning.

Saves Energy

Recurrent expenditure savings from significant reduction in energy use related to heated water services.

Reduces Running Costs

Recurrent expenditure savings from significant savings on total water use and significant reduction in sewage streams.

Reduces Plant Size Required

Capex savings through the ability to downsize water supply services and sewage treatment plants.