MetroTaifun Healthcare Collection Systems for Hospitals makes transferring of solid waste and laundry efficient. Waste and laundry bags are transferred from each floor via chutes and pneumatic pipes into containers, carousels, belts or trolleys. The system enables a safe, hygienic and ergonomic working environment – no back and forth traffic, storage or maintenance of waste bins and laundry trolleys.


Comprehensive Solution

MetroTaifun solid waste collection systems provide a comprehensive solution for hospital waste and laundry logistics. Handling of various materials, like mixed waste, cardboard, laundry and food waste is hygienic, ergonomic and convenient for the hospital staff.

Improved Safety

With the vacuum waste collection system there is no back and forth traffic, storage or maintenance of waste bins and laundry trolleys which improves safety for both staff, patients and visitors.

More Hygienic

Waste and Laundry is immediately transferred via vacuum pipes to central collection points for removal from site instead of being stored in bins and trolleys throughout the facility which improves the hygiene of the facility and eliminates garbage odours.

Saves Precious Time

As the vacuum collection system transfers the waste from collection points spread in convenient locations throughout the hospital, this saves precious time which with a conventional system would be wasted in physically transporting the laundry and waste to far away collection points. As a result staff can spend more time focusing on what they do best.