Vacuum Train Decanting

The Avac train decanting system was designed for installation in long haul train “stabling” or maintenance yards, in order to provide safe and efficient decanting of raw sewage from regional and interstate trains that are equipped with on-board toilets.

The system uses vacuum to lift the sewage from the waste retention tanks located under all of this type of train carriage. The sewage waste is lifted, via flexible hose connections, into a rigid pipe network for horizontal transportation to a centralised vacuum sewage plantroom, from where it is discharged to the municipal sewer system, or alternatively to an on-site treatment plant.

The rigid pipe network can be in-ground or more often is at an elevated level, typically fixed to the overhead crane gantries that are typical over the “roads” on which the trains are elevated for servicing, including sewage decanting.

The system is fully automated and computer controlled for operator safety and efficiency, and includes visual status of train decanting progress, data logging and off course emergency shutdown facility at all decanting stations.