Natural Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. The recent Mice Plague that led to the temporary evacuation of Wellington Correctional Centre in NSW Australia, reminds us to expect the unexpected.

Mouse plague ‘invades’ Wellington prison, forcing hundreds of prisoners and staff to evacuate

As water delivery in corrections continues to go all electrical, it is good to know that Avac has a simple fix that allows users to continue get access to drinking water, in the event that power is lost and cannot run a solenoid. Forged in the response to a cyclone that took out power and water, even though it was safe to drink, the patented power fail bypass valve works electronically, as a normal solenoid, with normal water management controls, until power is lost. Then the valve reverts to a mechanical operation. Suitable for Corrections and public infrastructure such as schools and town halls, where timed flow and control is important, but when disaster strikes, and the facility needs water, it gets water.

To find out more contact Tony or Vicky at Avac and we will shout you a water, or a coffee, over a chat in person, or in a virtual meet. Despite the best laid plans of mice and men, it is mice, sorry we mean “nice” to know that when all else fails, if the water still works, then we can continue to drink!