MetroTaifun is a comprehensive municipal Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) designed and manufactured by the MariMatic Corporation, Finland and commissioned in Australia by Avac. As the name suggests, Metro’Taifun’ acts like a Typhoon, vacuuming waste, via an underground pipe network, from high density residential & commercial centres and depositing it in a Waste Collection Facility, up to 4km away, where it is compacted into transportable bins and easily loaded onto trucks for off-site waste processing.


Less Trucks on our Roads

As the MetroTaifun Automatic Waste Collection System transfers the waste to a central collection point, the number of garbage trucks on our local streets is essentially eliminated which means better localised air quality and safer streets for all.

Lower Energy Use - Source of Bio-Fuel

Waste collection via MetroTaifun vacuum waste transfer requires half the energy of truck and bin collection which saves money and reduces our carbon footprint. The ability to separate organic waste means that some communities are even producing energy from the collected bio-fuel. The com

Lower Waste Disposal Costs

As the system makes it so easy to source separate, recycling contamination rates are significantly reduced and subsequently so too are waste disposal costs.

Less 'Wasted' Space

Automatic Waste Collection Systems reduce ‘on-site’ waste storage space due to both increased collection frequency and compacting of the waste in the centralised waste collection station which means less ‘wasted’ space for all.

Better than Conventional AWCS

  • Lower installation costs as smaller pipe diameter allows a reduction in the sizing of plant & equipment
  • MetroTaifun uses 1/3 of the energy of a conventional AWCS
  • Composite piping requires 50% less installation time compared to conventional steel pipe installations.
  • Lower risk of blockages due to composite pipe network’s extremely high coefficient of friction compared to steel