Taifun vacuum conveying and vacuum cleaning systems are designed and manufactured by the MariMatic Corporation, Finland and commissioned in Australia by Avac.

Taifun systems are intended for industrial use, corresponding to requirements of the food industry and professional kitchens for handling and conveying different types of materials, ranging from waste and by-products to final products.

MariMatic Corporation has specialized in Taifun vacuum conveying technology since 1983, providing waste & by-product handling and conveying solutions for a wide range of businesses globally. Over 500 Vacuum Conveying Systems have been supplied for fish processing plants, abattoirs, poultry processing plants, vegetable processing plants, professional kitchens and other industries.

How does it work


Improved Profitability

With the Taifun vacuum conveying technology, the waste is disposed through funnels located in the working areas and the funnels are emptied automatically. This means that it is no longer necessary to transport waste around the production area manually, in bins or carts. The Taifun system allows your staff to concentrate on more productive work.

Excellent Hygiene

The vacuum system feeds the material in even batches. The waste is removed from the working area automatically and instantly and no waste is left to accumulate near the working areas. The Taifun system complies with all the EU laws and regulations on surface hygiene.

Safe & Ergonomic

The Taifun disposal funnels can be placed near the working areas, reducing the need for your staff to lift or stretch out for anything.

Superior Quality

The use of the Taifun conveying system allows you to maintain a high level of quality throughout your production line. The excellent hygiene standards also help to ensure the superior quality of your end-product and improved customer satisfaction.