These facilities have significant solid waste management difficulties. They have very large volumes of both general rubbish, recyclables and food prep wastes from their somewhat concentrated food court zones, as well as further significant loads of mostly recyclables from tenancies evenly spread all over the site.

The Avac solid waste transfer technology allows for the safe and efficient collection and automated transfer of separate waste streams which has a number of benefits including those listed below.



Healthier Centre

The elimination of overflowing rubbish bins and all the associated health risks to patrons and staff. Waste is whisked away from the receiving waste stream designated inlets, to the central service area and automatically deposited into compacting containers ready for removal from the site.

Safer Environment

The risks of injury to both patrons and staff of either slips or falls due to overflowing rubbish bins is eliminated, as well as the risks particularly to staff, of handing potentially dangerous elements during the handling of rubbish and the cleaning of standalone waste receptacles.

More Efficient Workplace

This automated collection technology results in significant staff cost reductions stemming from the elimination of centre staff needed to collect, move, empty, clean and relocate waste receptacles. Additionally, staff time costs for tenancies can be significantly reduced by elimination of the quite common 20 minutes round trip from the store to the waste collection area of the centre, which is undertaken often several times per day from each and every tenancy.

Environmental Protection

Both the costs and risks associated with ensuring protection of the environment stemming from the handling and particularly the cleaning of waste receptacles on site, is effectively mitigated by the use of the centralised collection and transportation technology.