Avac has partnered with the MariMatic Corporation of Finland to offer a range of vacuum solid waste collection solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Solid Waste Collection Systems utilise vacuum pressure for the collection and conveyance of solid waste through a piping network. They consist of three main components: a waste collection station, a piping network and waste collection inlets. Users simply deposit waste into the inlets which is then sucked through the piping network to the waste collection station for disposal.



Improves Waste Separation

The Avac solid waste transfer technology allows for the safe and efficient collection and automated transfer of separate waste streams within the building, thus facilitating the separation of bio-wastes from recyclables and/or from general rubbish

Improves Worker Safety

The risks of injury to staff in particular (but also potentially patients/visitors) is reduced significantly by the elimination of the need to handle, move, clean and relocate containers of potentially dangerous materials within the building envelope.

Protects the Environment

Deployment of this type of system reduces significantly the risk of contaminates from the cleansing and disinfecting of multiple waste containers, entering storm water or sewerage systems.

Positive P.R.

The use of this modern technologies which clearly enhance health and safety for staff and visitors to these building types, is very positive PR for those businesses which are resident in the building.