Avac has partnered with the MariMatic Corporation of Finland to offer a range of vacuum solid waste collection solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Solid Waste Collection Systems utilise vacuum pressure for the collection and conveyance of solid waste through a piping network. They consist of three main components: a waste collection station, a piping network and waste collection inlets. Users simply deposit waste into the inlets which is then sucked through the piping network to the waste collection station for disposal.


Design Flexibility

The Avac solid waste transfer technology offer engineers and architects unmatched design flexibility for solution of waste collection and conveyance special applications, such as the ability to lift wastes vertically before transporting horizontally.

Design Testing and Verification

We have world standard testing and design verification facilities at our Brisbane complex and also at Marimatic’s testing facility in Finland….we have the expertise and the experience to assist with a solution to your special waste problem.


Avac pioneered vacuum collection and conveying of wastes inside buildings in the Australian construction industry…our project design team has a collective 90+ years of experience in designing, documenting, installing and commissioning vacuum conveyance systems, from Australia to Europe, even in Antarctica.